Real Estate


I've used Cloud Law for several transactions both for my business, as well as my personal home. It's always a pleasure with them.

Arjuna T

I'm an accountant and regularly use Cloud Law's services personally, and refer my clients to them for their exceptional legal services.

Dave G

I've used Cloud Law several times for my rental properties. They've been quick and efficient at closing my deals.

Randy K

I used Cloud Law to sell one of my rental properties. They were great at negotiating favourable terms for an extension the other side was requesting.

Raj S

My lawyer was great about explaining some questions I had about my new home purchase and its pricing. They took the time to break it down for me and I appreciated their work.

Samr H

This was my first home purchase. Cloud Law made the process so easy and guided me though it. Will recommend to anyone buying a home.

Nav S

My business partners and I used Cloud Law to close a one of our Condo properties. They made the process very smooth and easy for us.

Rick B

Cloud Law worked with me to explain everything needed to close my condo sale transaction smoothly. I heighly recommend their services.

Michael A

Excellent service. It was so easy working with Cloud Law. I was able to transfer funds through my iPhone bank app and sign over video.

Herleen S

It was very convenient working with Cloud Law. Instead of having to come their office, we signed everything over Zoom.

Parm S

I sold my house using Cloud Law. The process from start to finish was simple. The sale proceeds arrived in my bank account.

Jennifer K

Super easy working with Cloud Law. Didn't need to even leave my house to sign docs! Made closing my transactions remotely easy.

Raj S

I run my own business and have a very tight schedule. I was able to sell my rental house from my office during lunch hour. Amazing.

Sam A

I have 2 young kids at home and being able to sign over video conference make my life so much easier. Highly recommend their services!

Christine N

I got my house refianced using Cloud Law. They made the process easy and I didn't even have to leave my house throughout the process.

Leo S

My husband and I sold and purchased homes through Cloud Law. All our transactions went smoothly and we recommend their services.

Harj L

I had to close my transaction from out of the province. Using Cloud Law, I was able to sign all my docs over video. Saved me so much hassle.

Jerry S

I had a new born baby at home during the winter, and with Cloud Law's remote video signing feature, I didn't have to leave my house to sign!

Bushra H

I sold one of my rental homes using Cloud Law. The process couldn't be simplier and the money arrived directly into my bank within a day.

Daniel L

Excellent service and simple process. Highly recommend.

Sumreet S

I loved how easy it was to close my house! I was able to sign over video conference and transfer funds through online banking.

Ryan S

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